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Current Round

Submission Guidelines

An image and title must be submitted, with text being optional. If no text is submitted, either ChatGPT or Claude AI will be used to provide that part of the entry. Rules for both images and text are below.

At the end of each submission period, all entries will be put to a vote to decide which is the next step of the story.


  • 1:1 aspect ratio is preferred. Images may be saved at 1:1 in PNG format with transparency to preserve alternate aspect ratios while preventing stretching.

  • Don't sweat the small details. Exact matches to previous images, in either style or contents (such as environments or characters), are not required.

  • Surprises are okay but please don't purposefully try to derail the story. Complete 180s are not likely to be chosen and any intentional trolling will be ignored.

  • All images are presumed to have been creating using an AI generator.


  • Text should be in second person, present tense. If mistakes are made, they may be corrected to keep the story flowing. Minor adjustments to punctuation or formatting may be made for easier reading.

  • Text should be 25-250 words.

  • Information on your process is not required. Writing is generally assumed to be your own, but if you use AI that's perfectly fine too!

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