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3 Easy Ways to Convert Dall-E 3's WebP Images for Sharing

Dall-E 3 recently switched to using the WebP image format for its creations. However, many popular social media platforms and apps do not support WebP images. This can make it tricky to share the amazing images Dall-E generates. Let’s look at a few easy workarounds to convert Dall-E's WebP images into formats you can upload and share anywhere.

Solution 1: Browser Extensions

This handy tip was given to me by Cody Savage (@NaturallyDragon).

A handy extension like "Save Image As Type" allows you to easily convert WebP files to JPG or PNG with the click of a button. When you right click an image, the extension adds new "save as" options to the menu. This allows you to download the Dall-E image in a more compatible format. Just be sure to check your browser extension's permissions first, otherwise you may not be able to use it on many or even most websites.

This extension can be found on both Chrome and Firefox. I’m sure there’s a version on others, but I haven’t checked myself.

Solution 2: Converters

If you no longer have access to the original Dall-E image, online converters provide a fast and easy alternative. Sites like ConvertIO, Zamzar, and CloudConvert can transform WebPs into shareable formats.

While convenient, be mindful of uploading your AI creations to unfamiliar sites. Always read their privacy policies and check user reviews before converting files.

Solution 3: Image Editors

For more control over your conversions, use an image editing program like GIMP or Photoshop. Opening the WebP file and “Export” to convert formats. This method takes more work but allows you to resize, crop, or tweak images during the process. 


While the WebP might be convenient for websites due to the small file sizes, it can cause headaches when trying to share those images online. Luckily, browser extensions, online converters, and image editing apps provide straightforward ways to convert WebP files into more compatible formats.

Don't let the WebP format deter you – Dall-E 3's capabilities make any minor inconveniences worth it. With these solutions, you can easily convert the files and share the images it creates on all your favorite social platforms.

Let me know if you discover any other handy tips for converting or sharing Dall-E WebP files!

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