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AI Art Challenges: Poll Results

Welcome to another round of poll results! This set of polls takes a look at a major community feature: Challenges.

Challenge Type

In the year+ I've been in this community, challenges have evolved along with AI art generators. The most popular ones have come to be to use/adapt prompts or SREFs and to generate pictures to certain criteria.

I asked the community which type of challenges inspire them most. Here are the results:

The most popular answer by far was "Specific Subjects" with 43.85 of the vote. "Vague Themes" and "Color(s)" came in a close second and third at 25% and 21.9% respectfully.

I was surprised that "Prompt or SREF Shares" received 9.4%. Perhaps it's because these work better as learning opportunities rather than pure inspiration?

Here are some quotes from the thread:

@OlySeabee said: "This is hard to choose because pretty much all four inspire. I like doing a variety of themes and styles."

@lolaladel82 said: "The SREF challenges are pretty inclusive as I think they only work on mid journey. But I do love an unusual color combo challenge. Not just like blue or green, but like "red and brown" or "peach and purple" or 3 or more colors, just to throw some creativity in there. Vague challenges can be difficult because sometimes they can be too vague and turn people off."

QT Challenges

QT challenges popped up here on X around January or February of this year. I have no idea who began them or whether they began in a different community, but they sure took us by storm!

I've noticed some mix opinions surrounding QTs, so I decided to ask what the community's opinion on QT challenges for AI art was. Here are the results:

The majority of people -- 62% -- said they love QT challenges while 18.3% rated them as "Meh." Only 9.9% responded that they hated them with another 9.9% selecting "Other" and responding in the comments.

Here are some of the comments:

@popped_pixels said: "I do most days. Especially if it's something I'm already working on. I like to do the ones that aren't too specific. So I can still feel a little creative. I do enjoy seeing and sharing the stuff other people create."

@ralphlentjes said: "I stopped doing this, it is just impressions farming. Normal Challenges are better."

@AlGoody421 said: "Honestly? I feel like challenges are great, its the QT part that bothers me. Someone comes up with an idea, another person quotes, someone new sees quote post, quotes IT, the original poster is left in the past as this repeats. Reply and Repost would be MUCH better than quote imo"


It's difficult to discuss challenges without also addressing tagging. Over the last year I've seen many discussions on tagging and the etiquette around it; however, it's a topic that always seems to be evolving.

asked the community "What is your opinion on tagging people in posts?" Here are the results:

An even half (50%) of people responded that it "Depends on Post Type" which 38% said it was "Always Welcome." Only 9.8% responded that it was "Never Welcome" with 2.2% selecting "Other."

Here are a few of the comments:

@TheFakenings said: "I think its a nice feature and great engagement tool and I try to respond when tagged but it can be overwhelming when I don't have much free time."

@TheLeviSweeney said: "I tag people in posts a lot, and love it when people tag me, but I'm also aware that doing so too much probably borders on spamming. My netiquette is, unfortunately, imperfect, and so I try to remain aware of stuff like that. :-("

@ARTificiallyxo said: "I chose depends on the post type. But I think it also depends on the person. To me, it needs to be a person that there's an air of familiarity with, they would be somewhat familiar with what you post and the style that you're into."

@alillian said: "I suppose it depends on the account- I always appreciate tags, although I wish X would clean up notifications."


Challenges are a great way to engage with and discover other members of the community. Judging by the results of these polls, I'd guess that as a whole the community feels they are a healthy and foundational element of AI art on X.

If you missed one or more of the polls, feel free to offer your opinion now in the comments!

There will be more polls in the future, so keep an eye out.

Thank you to those who voted in the polls and especially to those who commented.

If you would like to support my work, consider buying me a coffee.

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