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Aylo’s Odyssey: Aylopop’s Art, Music, and Aspirations

(All images in this article were created by Aylo.)

Aylo’s anime-style art blends charming characters with detailed landscapes to create stunning pieces of depth and perspective. We asked Aylo about their art and techniques.

Q: How long have you been creating AI art? What inspired you to start?

A: Since 2021. I've always had a music space odyssey in my head, an epic tale, and my goal was to save up my whole life to produce it. But then along came AI, giving me the idea that maybe I could tell the story with AI.

Q: What works have most influenced your style?

A: Art style wise: Makoto Shinkai & Hayao Myiazaki, the most. Additionally, dreamscape and fantasy art. I also love the art in the game Fe. When it comes to the story I’m telling, I’m most inspired by: Foundation, Star Wars, Dune, Greek myths, & Mad Max.

Q: You also create music. Does music influence your visual art?

A: Oh, for sure, the process works both ways. The music and art are symbiotic and will one day soon fuse into one work. They definitely influence one another, with the words being loosely based on the visuals.

Q: What models or techniques do you use to create your art?

A: The art is made from a custom model I’m training in SD & SD XL. I've spent thousands of hours training the model since March. I correct errors in the training by editing images and rearranging elements using a mixture of generative fill and drawing. I have been drawing/painting for 23 years but I've switched to AI because it allows me to create 80 times faster and at a higher quality than I can draw.

Q: How much planning goes into your art? Do you prefer control or randomness in the creative process?

A: I like a mix of both. Sometimes I envision an entire plan, while other times a thought just pops into my head. Music gives me ideas also. Additionally, sometimes what I come up with is just a “happy accident.”

Q: What is your favorite piece of those you have created so far?

A: [Image Below]

Q: What advancement in AI tech are you most looking forward to?

A: The ability to turn storyboards into music video movies :-)

Q: How might people support your work?

A: Liking, following, donating on Ko-fi

Thank you, Aylo, for agreeing to talk with us! If you would like to ask Aylo more questions or just leave a comment, head to this X thread. Be sure to follow them on X!

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