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Calling All Collaborative AI Projects! Plus 8 Ideas to Inspire Your Own

Nearly half of those that have voted so far in my poll desired more information on collaborative AI projects!

I think this is the perfect time for the community to focus on collaboration, and I would like to do what I can to facilitate this. I plan on creating a database of projects on the CYAIA website (more news to come) and write articles spotlighting projects and creators.

What do I mean by a “project”?

A project should have an end product that involves more than one type of art or medium. So by this definition, sharing a piece of art, snippet of writing, or an NFT doesn’t count as a project, nor do regular AI art challenges since there is no end product in mind.

I do consider publishing, including webpages, to be a type of art, since it involves a great deal of design work. Similarly, I consider podcasts and spaces as a type of project since they can involve AI writing and voices, and give information about AI in a different medium than usual.

In the case of Choose Your AI Adventure, it combines writing and art (two types), which is showcased on its own webpage. And once enough rounds are done, I hope to be able to collect the story into PDF volumes.

“Collaborative projects” naturally involve more than one person working together to accomplish the final goal.

Do you know of a current AI project? Please let me know!

Now that you know what I’m aiming for, I’d love for you to point me in the direction of some collaborative projects I can cover! I am very interested in doing articles on creative AI projects and their creators. Soon I should have a form on the CYAIA website for nominating projects and creators for articles, but until then, please let me know in a comment or DM!

Want more examples or possibly some inspiration?

Here are some types of collaborative projects to get your imagination going. I’m planning another article that suggests project types that are more suitable to solo development.

  • Zines — If you have ever been in fan circles, you have probably seen zines, but don’t think they’re just limited to fan content. Any theme can be made into one of these magazines: fashion, poetry, alternative history…sky’s the limit really. There are a number of ways you can organize one of these. If you’d like more information about zines specifically, let me know.

  • Comic — Comic collaborations might involve people submitting small self-contained comics to be collected into a larger collection (a comic zine if you will) or contributing panels or pages to one big story. For an example of a comic collaboration, check out @icreatelife’s community which is creating a comic together using Adobe Firefly.

  • Short Film — Many people are creating with PikaLabs and Runway right now, so you have no doubt seen how scenes can be edited together with music and voices. There is a long-form film collaboration currently underway: the Terminator 2 Remake. I don’t think they’re still accepting participants (please correct me if I’m wrong!), but this is definitely one to watch.

  • Music Video — I haven’t seen any collaborative versions of a music video, but they could easily be done. For example, everyone could take a line of lyrics and create an image or video for it. Alternatively, one person could create lyrics, another music, and another video.

  • AI Art Exhibit — I have seen a few mentions of AI art being featured in galleries lately but I must admit I know little about them. This would be really cool to see in VR one day.

  • Cookbook — This is an off-the-wall idea but I’ve seen some really delicious looking AI food art around. If there are some talented cooks out there that can come up with real life versions of the more usual plates or drinks, that’d be amazing.

  • Tarot / Oracle Card Deck — I’ve seen great collaborations done with these in fan circles. Different people may create different cards as well as the written explanations for them. Oracle decks may be more apt for current AI art generators since they offer more flexibility.

  • TTRPG Supplement — There are many possibilities here: creature compendiums, armories, map books, etc. They offer great opportunities for people to come together to show of their AI art, writing, and worldbuilding skills.

I hope these have helped you get some ideas for what is possible. If you know of any collaborations currently going on, please let me know either in a comment here or in a DM!

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