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Demographics & Engagement: Poll Results

I'm back with another round of poll results! This time we look at some of the demographics of our community along with people's preferred levels of interaction.


Last year there was a statistic that came out (I believe from Midjourney) that stated that the majority of AI artists were male. I remember myself and others questioning this and decided to run a poll to see if it was true or not.

106 people participated in the poll with the question "What is your gender?" Here's the results:

I honestly expected this to be alot more even!

A whopping 68.9% -- over two-thirds! -- of AI artists on X are male. 27.4%, or just over a quarter, are female.

2.8% of the community are nonbinary and 0.9% selected other.

Here's a few highlights from the comments:

@JasonVitale14 commented: "I will say most of my followers that are into AI are mostly female. Woman have such a way of expressing themselves. Whether topic is love, anger, happiness or even Adult pieces. You can feel the emotions. Maybe I read too much into these. I wear my emotion in my work."


@RachelVT42 commented: "Keep in mind the user base on this platform is mostly male anyway. But yes, there’s likely to be more male users as early adopters of AI tools I think...

"I think the split is probably not even, especially when it comes to Midjourney in particular. For two reasons, the higher price point and the friction caused by the fact discord was necessary at first."


@StonedNerd314 commented: "I imagine it would be mostly male at least at first. As it leaves the tech realm and enters the mainstream more it will even out more."


Now I was curious about our communities demographics, so what better question to ask but age? Of course, X is very limited in its polling options so I decided to frame the question in terms of generations.

113 people participated in the poll (a new record for my polls!) Here's the results:

The two ends of the spectrum -- Gen Z and Boomers -- are equal with a total of 8% each.

Millennials were the next highest at 33.6%. Gen X were the majority with just over half (50.4%).

Here's a few highlights from the comments:

There were a surprising number of people from the microgeneration between Gen X and Millennials including @FooFoo_Rabbit, @WaywardPhantoms, @lolaladel82, and


@timetravelr2025 commented "I'm one of the last Boomers. My father was a WWII vet and all my older siblings were born in the 1950s. I'm from 1963 and I am the Time Traveler!

" was a big part of my youth. I remember seeing the Apollo missions on television and following the Viking Mars missions. Of course I remember watching the original Star Trek (afternoons as reruns). I've always wanted to see the future. It has unfolded painfully slow. I embrace innovation and technology and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings..."


@Celeste_c asked "Really curious to learn what makes this technology so attractive to Gen X!"

To which@GBloodforge responded:

"Growing up with the dawn of personal computers and having the income to afford the hardware for local generations would be my suspects.

"There's a great novelty when you remember being on an Apple IIC or Commodore and now you can do THIS."

Level of Interaction

I was very surprised by the results of the gender poll and wondered just how many people were in the community that I wasn't seeing. My hypothesis was that we have a large number of people who are here but perhaps do not interact as much.

I ran a poll that asked "What level of interaction do you usually engage in when it comes to AI art here on X?" 49 of you responded. Here are the results:

I should mention this poll was a little unusual, which perhaps explains the low level of participation. Because of the limits on characters for polling items, I was forced to used symbols to represent each type of interaction. This may have been overly confusing.

The good news is those that responded had high levels of interaction with 49% selecting "Votes, Likes, Retweets, Comments" and 26.5% selecting "Votes, Likes, Retweets."

Only 18.4% only vote and like posts while only 6.1% just participate in polls.

Here's a few highlights from the comments:

@ARTificiallyxo commented: "90% of the time I'll just be a 🩷and run kind of guy. When I start to see the regular names engaging, then I'll engage further."

@JasonVitale14 commented: "Engaging allows us to get to know each other as we see each others work. Helps us all grow"


Thank you for joining me today to go through these poll results! I hope this helped shed some light on our community.

Is there something about our community that you're curious to know? Let me know and I'll try to run a poll to get an answer!

Thank you to those who voted in the polls and especially to those who commented.

If you would like to support my work, consider buying me a coffee.

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