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Epic Ink & Imagination: The Art of L4STD4ZE

AI Art by L4STD4ZE. A surreal scene with two people walking towards each other on a bridge made of light, spanning across an expanse of clouds under a starry sky, creating a sense of otherworldly connection.

L4STD4ZE’s art stands out for its boldness and rich colors. Her portraits are especially a personal favorite of mine. We talk to L4STD4ZE about her amazing story, her art, and her projects.

(All art in this article was created by L4STD4ZE.)

Q: How did you start creating generative art?

A: I started creating generative art after I was unable to write or draw due to a stroke. It completely took my ability to be creative away. I was lost without that part of me, with this technology I was able to get back to who I used to be. Sometimes it is upsetting to hear people say that this type of art is not art. For someone who used to draw and create art then could not, I can honestly say it takes just as much imagination to create in this way.

Q: What most influenced your style?

A: I actually struggled with finding my own style. I enjoyed creating so much at first that I did not realize that the style was important as well the image. The longer time went on, I realized it was just like an artist that paints, they all have a style, and so should I. So I wanted a style that distinguished my work, and I just kept coming back to the dripping canvas which to me comes off as a strange mix of abstract and graffiti.

Q: Do you currently have a favorite piece of art that you've created?

A: I have a few pieces that do not suit what I post but I love them. They will probably end up on canvas, on my wall, or as giveaways at some point.

I call this one 'The Creator's Disappointment."

AI Art by L4STD4ZE. An abstract painting portraying a cosmic figure with a nebulous and textured appearance, featuring a face partially obscured by vertical streaks that resemble falling comets or rain.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of creating generative art for you?

A: The most challenging aspect of generative art for me would probably be creative consistency. Being creative on demand has pressure attached to it. So I try to stick to making what I enjoy to lessen that pressure.

Q: You are an Official Brand Ambassador for Starry AI. Can you tell us about Starry AI and what makes it stand out from other platforms?

A: I was chosen to be an Official Brand Ambassador for Starryai and to teach within the app as well as show off Starryai's potential on social media. Starryai is excellent, allowing personal style creation, as well as background removal, upscale capabilities, and enhancement features that are incredibly useful if you are applying your art to other mediums such as tshirts, canvas, or nft.

Q: You also have your own website and business. What can you tell us about New Century Art Innovations?

A: NCAI is used at art shows for showcasing my digital art, on physical canvas'. I also use it for art on demand projects and special requests I get like logos or fanart. This year I plan to do feature art giveaways at shows to spread the word locally as well as get in some art galleries. The website and merchandise is not fully realized yet, but hopefully it will be complete soon.

AI Art by L4STD4ZE. A futuristic cityscape at sunset, with a large figure containing multiple faces in the center, surrounded by police officers and civilians looking on, as birds fly through the scene.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are looking to expand their AI creations into products?

A: My advice for anyone looking to expand is know what you want to sell beforehand. Focus on your style and branding and target audience.

Q: How may people best support your work?

A: Follow and Support on Social media. Share your favorites. Visit my website and check out the products and merchandise that best suit your style.

Thank you, L4STD4ZE, for talking with us! If you would like to ask L4STD4ZE more questions or just leave a comment, head over to the X thread. Be sure to follow L4STD4ZE on X and Instagram!

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