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Expanding Possibilities: 8 More Creative AI Project Ideas

My goal for this post was originally to focus on projects suited for people working solo, but I realized many of the ones in my collaborative version could be done by one person, and there are items I was planning originally for this article that would make for great collaborations.

So instead, let's see how many project ideas in general we can come up with — here’s another eight! I’ll be including examples of creators and projects, if I know of any.


AI is making it easier to make apps without being a master coder. I’m currently watching @MagikML which is in alpha right now and promises to provide “an intuitive, low-code interface to build, deploy, maintain, and scale your autonomous AI-powered solutions.” 

For an example of an app that utilizes AI, check out @qreates by @Salmaaboukarr which focuses on creating product photos.


Artbooks are books as art and often are compilations of an artist or artists’ work. I always think of conceptual “Art of [Movie/Game/Show]” books or coffee table books when thinking of artbooks. 

There’s no reason an artbook can’t teach and therefore I’d consider the PDFs by @ProperPrompter and @TechHalla to be under this category (check them out, they’re linked with their bios!)

Audio Book

Not only can you use AI to assist you in writing a novel, but consider how you could use voice programs to create voices for both your narrator and characters!

Podcast / Spaces

There are several spaces that discuss AI and AI art on X. I would recommend checking out those by @HBCoop_, @DaveJWVillalva, and @chetbff

As for podcasts, I don’t know if anyone is using the podcast form for these spaces right now, but don’t think podcasts are limited to just discussion format! Image a weekly 30-min series that leverages different AI voice creators to create radio dramas, for instance.


This is an idea I used to see floated around, but not as much lately. Storybooks are usually aimed at children and make use of illustration and simple text. @ryannoonan5 has a tutorial of how to make a storybook in his pinned post. If you’d like some style inspiration, check out @AnetteElbeck, @JazameMoon, and @ArcaneShip.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

I foresee alot of tools for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality coming soon. Check out @ilumine_ai’s work at 2d-to-3d spaces for inspiration regarding what might be possible.

Video Game

The text- or image-to-3d space is speeding up which will help this area immensely, but even now you can leverage LLMs and AI art generators to create simple video games. Check out these two tutorials by @icreatelife: Astroids and Space Invaders.


Websites are the cornerstone of the internet and can’t be left out here. There are so much that can be done by them. I know there are several prompt-creation tools out there (unfortunately I can’t seem to find them right now, so leave links below of you know of any!) but the possibilities are endless, with vast categories as yet untouched.

What do you think? Do any of these interest you as a project you'd like to do on your own or with a team? Got more ideas? Let me know in the thread!

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