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Monthly Inspiration: Herbruary

I like to give myself challenges to help me create AI art. February's theme is "Herbruary" which takes a look at various herbs and their symbolism.

There are no rules for participating, but I do encourage you to use Herbruary as a hashtag so I can see your amazing creations!

While I use this to create AI art, there's no limits on creation: take the inspiration and run wild with it!

Each herb is paired with one aspect of the herbs symbolism. I stayed clear of "healing" and "protection" for this challenge since most have one or both of those meanings. Feel free to use the herb or symbolism word alone or together.

Here's the list for your copy/paste convenience:

  1. Aloe: Affection

  2. Angelica: Inspiration

  3. Basil: Good Wishes

  4. Bay: Glory

  5. Calendula: Sacred

  6. Chamomile: Patience

  7. Chives: Usefulness

  8. Coriander: Hidden Worth

  9. Dandelion: Happiness

  10. Dill: Preservation

  11. Fennel: Flattery

  12. Garlic: Strength

  13. Lavender: Devotion

  14. Lemon Balm: Sympathy

  15. Marjoram: Joy

  16. Mint: Virtue

  17. Mugwort: Tranquility

  18. Mustard: Faith

  19. Nasturtium: Victory

  20. Oregano: Substance

  21. Parsley: Festivity

  22. Rosemary: Remembrance

  23. Saffron: Nobility

  24. Sage: Wisdom

  25. Tarragon: Interest

  26. Thyme: Courage

  27. Violet: Modesty

  28. Yarrow: Love

  29. Yucca: Opportunity

Happy creating!

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