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Monthly Inspiration: Tunes of June

Thank you to all those who joined me for Mightiest May! Unfortunately, we're in the last stretch of May, but that means we can look forward to our next prompt theme.

Tunes of June (#TunesOfJune) will be focused on music. Each day will focus on a different genre or sub-genre of music.

There are multiple ways to use these prompts. Here are some ideas:

  • Genre Images. You can create an image based on the music genre as a whole.

  • Lyric Images. You can create an image based on a song from that genre.

  • Original Music. You can create a song using a generator like Suno or Udio within that genre.

This isn't an extensive list -- if you can think of another way to use the prompts, go for it! You may participate as much or as little as you'd like; there are no restrictions.

Personally, I'm going to attempt to make an image based on lyrics from a song in each genre and also create a song for each genre.

For your copy/paste convenience, here is the prompt list:

  1. Blues

  2. Jazz

  3. Rock

  4. Pop

  5. Hip-Hop

  6. R&B

  7. Country

  8. Bluegrass

  9. Folk

  10. Gospel

  11. Opera

  12. Soul

  13. Reggae

  14. Ska

  15. Latin

  16. Heavy Metal

  17. Punk

  18. Synthwave

  19. Indie

  20. Funk

  21. Disco

  22. EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

  23. House

  24. Techno

  25. Trance

  26. Dubstep

  27. Drum & Bass

  28. K-Pop

  29. Grunge

  30. Experimental

Good luck! Remember to use #TunesOfJune to make your work easy for people to search.

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