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Project Highlight: February 2024 - Part II

Updated: Mar 2

AI Art. A vibrant and complex abstract image featuring an array of colorful swirls, circles, and spirals, with bright lines and dots suggesting a fusion of technological and organic elements.

The T2 Remake

T2Remake released its official trailer and information on the premier! The premier will take place in Hollywood on March 6th. Don't worry if you can't make it: AInfiniteTV will be live-streaming it on their Youtube channel on March 9th at 12pm PST. Set your reminder now so you don't miss it!

AI For Humans Show

Looking for an AI news podcast? Check out the AI For Humans Show!

Not only do hosts Gavin Purcell and Kevin Pereira discuss the latest AI news, they invite the AIs to do so as well. These AI guests are given strong personalities that lead to surprising turns in the conversation. It is extremely fun, and I highly recommend watching this entertaining yet informative show.

Mint's Scenario Animated Sprite Workflow

Scenario has been striving to be the generator for game assets and their Lead AI Artist, Mint, revealed a workflow for creating animated sprites. If you're at all interested in creating sprite animation, you should check it out.

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