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Project Highlights: February 5th - February 11th

Fallout Fan Trailer by Ilgiza

I am a Fallout fan and I was very impressed by how this video captured the feel of the series -- in fact, it gives me hope for that Fallout series they're working on! Hopefully they can be able to replicate that Fallout atmosphere like Ilgiza (@amelicaotica) has.

Home Run by Martial Artwork

This is one of the best fake-trailers I've seen. I was especially impressed by the quality of the sound. Most AI videos are speculative fiction, so it's very interesting to see a video look at more normal life. Great job, Martial Artwork (@martial_artwork)!


There was an amazing turnout for Gen:48 this year!

You can vote for up to three of the GEN:48 finallists here. If you'd like to see the whole range of videos, here's a playlist of entries compiled by @PromptstudioAi!

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