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Project Highlights: January 14th - January 21st

Welcome to Project Highlights!

This new feature will highlight projects from around the AI community. These projects are primarily discovered through X, but if you know of an AI project, feel free to suggest it through the Contact Page.

Let's get started!

1001 Nights (Video Game)

1001 Nights uses GPT-4 and Stable Diffusion to help you create your experience:

In this unique adventure, players narrate stories, and these tales are continued by a GPT-4 driven character – the King. Your task is to cleverly guide the King to utter keywords related to weapons, from a list that includes swords, shields, knives, and more.

This is the first AI-based game I have seen and you can wishlist it here!

Genuary by Daniel Lever

Daniel Lever has been sharing amazing, artistic videos this month that were created through code. Though this isn't AI, it is most definitely generative art and extremely cool -- check it out!

Short Story Videos of Lon Varnadore

Want some bite-sized sci-fi? DMJeffChronicle and his wife have created several videos based on the books of Lon Varnadore. The videos were made using Midjourney, ElevenLabs, and Capcut.

If you're interested in reading Lon's books, you can find them linked here.


Be sure to support these creators and keep an eye out for more projects! See you next week!

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