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Project Highlights: January 22nd - January 28th

Martin Nebelong's Experiments Combining Traditional and AI Art

Over the last few months, Martin Nebelong has been combining the control offered by traditional art with the rendered polish of AI art. This has not been a single practice, but a series of experiments that offers a glimpse at what the future of art may look like. He is constantly releasing new workflow videos and I highly recommend following him.

World of Ivenastra by LesterScape

If you want to see some prime worldbuilding, check out LesterScape's World of Ivenastra. Most recently LesterScape has been working on the animals and monsters of the world. To check out this Beastyr, follow @ lesterscape on X.

"The Oracle: The Power of the Cards" by Thibaud Zamora & Claire Zamora

Thibaud and Claire Zamora created this amazing AI video and submitted it to the AI Film Festival of Dubai where it made the top 10 films. You can look through its competition and vote here until February 9th.

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