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Project Highlights: January 29th - February 4th

"Loneliness Prevails" (Music Video) by Captain HaHaa

Captain HaHaa (@Ishouldtrythat1) put out this cool music video. It's both a great example of AI music generation and AI video. Check it out and start dreaming of your own possibilities!

Heather Cooper's YouTube Channel

If you've ever missed the Generative AI Friday Recap Space, you should know that Heather Cooper (@HBCoop_) has created a YouTube channel that not only has the Recaps but also some great tutorials and experiments. Check it out and add it to your subscriptions!

Infinite Craft (Game) by Neal Agarwal

I already mentioned this one in AI Community News, but this is just the sort of project that this feature was created for!

Neal Agarwal (@nealagarwal) used Llama 2 to create this game. It's very clever and infinitely fun to play. Give it a try!

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