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Project Highlights: March 2024 - Part I

International Women's Day AI Art Marathon

There will be an AI art marathon celebrating International's Women's Day on March 8th. You may have seen this going around, but there's been an important change!

DO NOT POST ONE IMAGE EVERY HOUR! It's likely X will see this as spam.

INSTEAD, do 8 posts at whatever times work best for you. For each of these posts, include 3-4 images. (Alternatively you might consider 6 posts with 4 images, or perhaps fewer posts but use threads with more images to keep in the same spirit.)

This way, you still post 24 images in total, but in a way that should hopefully make the spam filters happy.

Of course, remember to include #internationalwomensday and #EllaAImarathon.

"A Nostalgic Astronaut" by Shang Chi

Check out this awesome AI work that's been selected as Best Film at the 2024 MIT AI Filmmaking Hackathon! It's by Shang Chi (@Aifilmlab101) and covers the story of an inspiring pioneer who didn't leave home as far behind as he thought.

"Falling" by PZF

Here's another impressive AI Film that is worth a watch! PZF's (@pzf_ai) seventh AI film is a beautifully crafted warning we should all be mindful of. Go check it out!

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