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The QT Web: Mapping a Quote Tweet Challenge

AI art. A mermaid sit on a rock outcropping with the ocean and moon in the background.

I've been fascinated by QT challenges lately. They have been filling my timeline, and I find they offer alot of inspiration for daily practice.

A QT challenge is where each participant Quote Tweets a post with their own interpretation of the theme.

I've seen several of these make multiple rounds in the community, but I wanted to pick one and map it out to get a look at the phenomenon and how widely they might spread.

I chose a Mermaid QT that was started by Lost AI and circulated roughly March 3rd through 4th. I chose to only map QTs and not replies since I was trying to get an idea of spread (sorry to all of you who replied instead!)

The green box mark the start of it all. You can find the thread here.

The black lines show connections, and the blue dots are people who participated more than once.

In total there were 38 posts and 34 participants (4 participated twice).

Here are all the participants:



I apologize if I missed anyone!

Since this is my first attempt at this, I have no data to compare it to and no idea whether this was small, average, or large. Would you be interested in seeing more such maps in the future?

Do you enjoy QT challenges too or do you find them spammy?

Here is the X version of the article. Be sure to check out those mentioned here and give them a follow! Also follow me for more creative AI articles.

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