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Uplifting AI Artists: Tips for Thoughtful Comments


With the rise in AI generated art, it's important we appreciate the human creativity behind it. While tools like DALL-E aid the process, an artist's vision and skills make a work truly exceptional. Our comments on AI art can inspire artists to create more, but generic praise won't do — we need to craft thoughtful feedback.

Our thoughtful words can motivate artists to keep perfecting their craft, so be specific in what you highlight. Generic comments like "Amazing work!" don't show you notice the details. Go beyond surface level praise to empower exceptional creators. Together we ensure the AI art community continues to center on human imagination, ingenuity, and passion.

Areas to Comment On

When you want to provide thoughtful feedback on AI generated art, focusing on certain visual elements can help guide your comments. Here are some key areas to consider:

  • Composition - How are subjects and objects arranged and framed in the image? Do the different components balance well?

  • Lighting - Is there effective use of light sources and shadows? How does it set a mood?

  • Color Palette - Do the colors complement each other? Do they contribute to a cohesive visual style?

  • Textures - Look at surfaces, brush strokes, patterns. Do textures enhance the realism?

  • Style - What artistic styles, genres or techniques are used? Realism, abstraction, etc.

  • Subject Matter - How does the content, characters or items depicted engage you? What is their significance?

  • Mood/Emotion - What feelings or tone does the art convey? How does it pull you in?

  • Prompt Engineering - Assess technical skill in crafting prompts and guiding the AI.

  • Curation - Consider how well the artist selected the strongest output from many options.

Calling out even one of these areas in a comment can help show what makes the art stand out to you. The artist will appreciate the specifics.

Templates and Tips

When commenting, it can be helpful to start with a template to provide a framework. Feel free to customize these templates to reflect what stands out to you about the specific piece.

Here are some template examples:

  • "The [trait] in [artwork] is so [adjective]! I love how you used [element] and [detail] to create such a [mood/feeling]."

  • "[Artwork] beautifully showcases your skills at [prompt engineering/curation]. The [trait] is [adjective] and the overall style feels very [mood/feeling]."

  • "I'm blown away by how [adjective] this [artwork] is. The [subject matter] elicits [emotion] and stays with me. Keep creating!"

Aim for a balance of conciseness and specificity. Use vivid descriptors tailored to the piece. Highlight 1-2 artistic choices by the creator that stood out to you.

A few sentences is often enough to make someone feel appreciated. The most important thing is showing you truly noticed the care that went into the art.


When done thoughtfully, commenting on AI art is an opportunity to uplift artists and their creative vision. Sharing your reactions can inspire artists to continue honing their craft.

This community is known for its positivity and encouragement. By taking the time to leave thoughtful comments, we ensure this continues to inspire and enable AI artists.

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