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Project Datbase FAQ

What kind of projects qualify for the database?

Projects should be of a creative nature and utilize some form of AI. They should go beyond sharing simple outputs and have at least plans for a polished, published form. For example, sharing AI images or writing snippets is great, but wouldn’t qualify; however, collecting AI images into a polished artbook or publishing a novel would qualify.

NFTs and challenges are not applicable at this time.

My project is for-profit. May I include it in the database?

Yes, there’s no problem with adding projects that you currently are or plan to charge for; however, please state this in the Project Information.

Who can submit a project to the database? Is it open to anyone?

It is open for anyone to submit their projects. For collaborative projects, I would suggest one of the organizers submit the project rather than a contributor. If you know of a project that someone else is doing that you think would benefit from being in the database, please let them know about the database or consider filling out the nomination form to nominate them for an article.

What are some examples of project types?

Project types should be brief, broad categories. Here are some examples:

Art Exhibit




Interactive Fiction

Full-Length Film

Music Video


Short Film


TTRPG / Worldbuilding Supplement

Video Game

Virtual Reality


What tags do I select for my project?

There are three types of tags: (solo/collab), status, and type.

Solo/Collaboration — Select one. Are you creating the project by yourself or are others involved?

Status — Select one. What is the current status of the project?

Type — These include creative types and publishing types. Choose all that apply.

Can I update or remove my project?

There are currently two options to update your project: either create a new submission (please make a note in Additional Information so know to delete the old version!) or contact me via email at or DM @MagikChance on X. If you wish to remove your project, please contact me and I can get it taken off the database.

Where can I ask question that isn’t answered here or leave a suggestion?

Feel free to DM me on X at @MagikChance or email me at!

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