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Summary Recap

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In the Broken Lands, a realm of shadowed mountains and deep canyons under a fading sun, life clings amidst small farms and isolated city-states.The protagonist starts out venturing into a foreboding ravine, encountering sinister beings, and facing a Guardian's challenge, as they seek an artefact to alter the fate of the Broken Lands.

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Entering the Hall of Heroes, the protagonist discovers a grand hall and an amphitheater with an altar holding the Spear of Unity. Upon accepting their destiny and the spear, they're presented with portals to different areas of the Broken Lands. Choosing one, they arrive in a city of gold and azure, a unique fusion of ancient and futuristic elements.

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In the Grand Library of Azurelight, the protagonist discovers ancient tomes and a riddle from the Guardian of Lore, leading to scrolls about a lost city. Transported to Celestium, a city amidst the clouds, they find themselves in a nexus of knowledge and magic. Here, the River of Souls and the celestial Keepers guard ancient wisdom. A mysterious Keeper, embodying the cosmos, offers an enigmatic invitation to explore the heart of this Undiscovered City, hinting at deeper secrets to be uncovered.

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