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Round 1 Winner

Cave of Forgotten Knowledge & Ancient Magic


You stand in a deep ravine in the Broken Lands. Few dare to venture so deep into the shadow, knowing what lurks within. The air feels heavy, with a sense of foreboding, as you step cautiously through the rocky terrain.

Shadowy entities, stalk silently around you. They are tall, shadowy figures with long, spindly limbs and eyes that gleam like burning embers. Their presence sends shivers down your spine. You keep your distance, hoping they won't notice you.

Night is about to fall upon the land and the light is fading fast, but that won't matter where you're going. In the distance, you spot a glowing light emanating from a cave entrance. Legends speak of this place, a repository of forgotten knowledge and ancient magic that could change the fate of the Broken Lands. With every step towards it, your mind fills with doubt and fear.

You press on, driven by the promise of what lies within, but what will you find in the darkness?

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