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Round 6 Finalist



Emerging from the portal, your eyes are blinded by a radiant, golden light. As your vision clears, a magnificent city stands before you, surrounded by glistening waters and lush gardens. This is no ordinary city of the Broken Lands, but Neo-Athens—a city that defies time, its glorious architecture reflecting an age when gods and mortals intertwined.

Citizens adorned in flowing robes and intricate jewelry stroll alongside artificial rivers, engaging in spirited debates and creating art. Airships sail through the sky, their silhouettes contrasting with ornate temples that reach for the heavens.

Suddenly, a shadow passes overhead—a massive, metallic bird lands gracefully nearby. Its pilot disembarks, an envoy from the city's council. "Welcome, Chosen One," she greets. "Neo-Athens has long awaited your arrival. The next artefact is hidden within our city's labyrinth. Yet, to retrieve it, you must win our people's trust."

Determined, you stride forward, spear in hand, ready to unravel the city's mysteries and earn your place among its legends.

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