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Intro Round Finalist

Shades of Silicon


The motorcycle's engine rumbles beneath you as you roll to a stop in the middle of the empty city street. Neon signs buzz and flicker around you, casting everything in shades of red, blue, and green. This is Downtown, the beating cybernetic heart of Synthesia City, where rain slicks the streets and shadows hide all manners of modified misfits and high-tech lowlifes.

Up ahead, a slender chrome skyscraper pierces the gloomy night sky. Somewhere up there, in one of the top-floor corporate penthouse suites, is the man you've been sent to find. Aiden Valkov - CEO of Valkov Industries and your target for tonight. Getting to him won't be easy. Downtown is Valkov's territory and his building will be heavily guarded. You rev the motorcycle's engine, the sound echoing through the empty streets. Time to get to work.

The motorcycle lurches forward as you twist the throttle and accelerate down the street. The city sprawls before you, inviting you to explore its shadowy back alleys and secret corners on your mission into the underworld of Synthesia City. But to make it out alive, you will need your wits, your skills, and maybe just a little luck. The secrets locked inside Valkov's tower could change everything, if you can reach them.

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