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The Broken Lands


The dying sun hangs low and heavy in the shimmering violet sky, its once-brilliant golden light dimmed to a sullen amber. Shadows stretch across the ragged landscape, casting the steep spire mountains and deep, sheer-walled canyons into premature dusk. This is the Broken Lands - a realm where the earth itself has cracked and splintered ages ago, leaving a web of crevasses and soaring stone peaks.

Yet life perseveres here in the remnants of fertile soil along cracked canyon floors and mountain slopes. The hardiest of trees and shrubs cling to the land, fed by springs and streams that still flow through the broken earth. Small farms and villages spot the land wherever enough flat space allows, the people scraping by on stubborn crops choked with weeds. 

The few cities of the Broken Lands rise up on the bones of the land itself - carved into cliffsides or built atop massive stone mesas. These isolated city-states war and trade with one another, vying for precious resources and power. As the sun declines and the world ages around them, they cling to their holdings with fervent and often violent purpose. 

As the last amber rays of sunlight fade, the canyon walls and spire mountains are set ablaze in brilliant hues of vermillion, carmine, and gold. But beauty is not all that lurks in the growing shadows. Creatures old as the land itself, twisted and malevolent, stalk the secret places of the broken earth. Still, hope lingers here for some - hope for forgotten knowledge and magic that could heal the Broken Lands and restore the dying sun once more. 

Your journey begins on the edges of the first lengthening shadows, your path winding through a landscape both wondrous and bleak, violent and beautiful. In the Broken Lands, dangers and wonders go hand in hand, shadow and light are eternally at war, and only the bold will survive to see the next dawn. Your trials start with the coming of the night - prepare yourself.

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