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Round 3 Finalist

The Challenge of Wisdom


The Guardian shows you to a stone panel, etched with four ancient glowing runes, the key to unlocking a stone door nearby. The runes glow with an otherworldly light. The guardian's eyes are fixed on you, expectant.  

You take a deep breath, trying to decipher the runes, to understand their significance. You can't help but feel like you've seen them before. Your fingers trace the markings, like pieces of an intricate puzzle.  

Suddenly, the runes are deciphered in your mind,  DISCOVER // ARTEFACT // CHANGE // DESTINY, and you hear a phrase repeated often in your dreams.   

"Discover the artefact that will change the destiny of the Broken Lands."  

Without hesitation, you gently touch the symbols in the correct sequence, and the stone door begins to shift, slowly revealing the path within. The guardian nods in approval, acknowledging your destiny, and you step forward, ready to face the further trials that await you...

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