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Round 7

The City of Azure Gold


As you approach the gleaming city, its towering spires and intricate architecture take your breath away. Bridges of the finest lacework arc gracefully over cascading canals. Spires stretch high, glinting brilliantly in the warm sunlight. Every surface shimmers with the luster of polished gold and deep azure metals.

Making your way to the city's heart, you come upon the Central Plaza - a vast open space surrounded on all sides by magnificent buildings. In the center lies an ornate fountain, its waters infused with glittering cerulean liquid that pours from the outstretched palms of a colossal statue.

Drawing nearer, you see that the statue depicts a majestic winged figure, her features strong yet serene. In one upturned hand she holds aloft a radiant orb, while the other cradles a spear, its sharpened tip pulsing with an inner fire. You know at once that this effigy represents the legendary guardian of the Broken Lands.

As you gaze transfixed at the guardian's statue, a soft voice speaks. "Welcome, seeker. We have awaited your coming."

Turning, you see a small group of robed figures approaching. Their leader, a woman of advanced years but keen gaze, offers you a slight bow in greeting. "I am Cybele, High Priestess of the Order. We are the Keepers of the Artifact."

Hope and anticipation well up within you. Could the artifact you seek be here, so close at hand? You grip your spear tightly, ready to face whatever trials still bar the way to your destiny.

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