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Round 10

The Echoes of the Lost City


In the Library of Whispers, the Guardian's final words linger in the air like a fading echo. You grip the scrolls tightly, their ancient parchment crackling under your fingers. A sudden chill sweeps through the room, extinguishing the spectral lights and casting you into shadow. The floor beneath you begins to glow, revealing a ghostly map.

Soft blue lines trace a path through a dense, thorny forest, leading to a hidden valley shrouded in mist. The Enchanted Forest whispers secrets through its leaves, its shadows dancing like spirits in the moonlight. Stepping onto the map, you feel a jolt of energy, as if the very essence of the forest is coursing through your veins.

The library fades, replaced by the looming trees of the forest. Their ancient trunks are carved with runes, guiding you deeper into the heart of the woods. Somewhere in this mystical labyrinth lies the lost city, its secrets veiled in mystery and magic.

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