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Round 7

The New World


As you approach the golden city, sunlight glints off intricate metalwork and polished stone. Columned buildings covered in creeping ivy line the wide avenues, which are empty and quiet. Your footsteps echo between the silent structures as you make your way towards the largest building at the heart of the city. Vines curl around pillars engraved with ancient symbols and framed by arched entryways.

You pause before the massive double doors, spear gripped tightly, unsure what lies beyond. With a deep breath, you push open the doors, revealing a vast hall with a high, domed ceiling. More columns line the room, leading to a raised dais and empty throne. This abandoned place almost seems to be waiting for someone. You sense that the answers you seek can be found here, if you have the courage to discover them. Gripping your spear, you step further into the hall, ready to unravel the city's secrets, and your destiny.

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