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Round 3 Finalist

The Resolve of the Challenger: Confronting the Guardian's Enigma


"The knowledge you seek can only be attained by completing a challenge." 

Steeling yourself, you step forward into the Guardian's view. It is an imposing figure, clad in thorny black armor that glints with glowing jewels. Angel wings spread from its back, feathers glimmering in the dim light. In one gauntleted hand it bears a wicked, black thorny club. 

The Guardian stands before a tall stone door, upon which a large golden circle is etched with intricate runes. This must be the gateway to the ancient knowledge you seek. 

"I accept your challenge, Guardian," you declare, hoping your voice does not betray the anxiety you feel. This is your only path forward. 

The Guardian's eyes flare brighter for a moment. Then it steps aside with a rumble, gesturing toward the door with its club. "Prove yourself worthy, mortal. The test awaits." 

Taking a deep breath, you step forward and place your hand upon the golden circle. It flares with light at your touch. The grinding of stone echoes through the cavern as the door slowly swings open before you. Beyond lies your challenge, and your destiny.

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