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Round 5 Winner

The Spear of Unity


You walk towards the altar in the centre of the amphitheatre and touch a piece of glinting metal protruding from the stone surface. As your fingers touch the metal, the altar erupts in flames and crumbles apart. You jump back, as a a spear forms above the flames and a mighty presence appears before you.  

"The chosen one has finally arrived." The being's voice permeates deep within, and a profound sense of destiny washes over you.  

"This is the Spear of Unity. The first of many artefacts you will need to unite the Broken Lands. What is broken, shall be united. Do you accept your fate? If so, take the spear."  

You panic watching the flames dance around the spear, but something within urges you forwards. You step into the flames and grasp the spear, expecting to scream in agony, but instead, the metal is cool. You jump back and brandish the spear high above your head. As you do, the being disappears and three portals appear before you, each leading to a separate area in the Broken Lands.   

One artefact secured, you understand that this moment marks the beginning of a profound journey, one in which you will shape the course of history.  You jump into one of the portals, where does it lead?

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