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Round 8

The Tower of Echoing Songs


Your eyes are drawn up to another landmark.

In the heart of Azurelight, the Tower of Echoing Songs stands as a testament to the city's love for music and harmony. Its walls are said to resonate with the songs of the past and future, a melody that guides the fate of the Broken Lands.

You set out to find the path to the tower. As you approach, the air fills with an array of harmonious sounds. Each step brings a new note, a new rhythm, entwining with your soul. The music leads you inside, where the walls themselves sing of ancient legends and forgotten lore.

At the tower's summit, you find the giant bell, known as the Bell of Destinies. Legends say that ringing this bell can reveal the path to unity and peace for the Broken Lands. However, the bell is silent, waiting for the one who carries the true spirit of Azurelight.

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