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Round 5 Finalist

The Trial


"I demand a sacrifice."   

You look stunned at the ancient statue.   

"I demand a sacrifice."   

Who are you?  

"I demand a sacrifice."   

What kind of sacrifice?   

"I demand a sacrifice."   

You annoy me.   

"I demand a sacrifice."   

A faint emerald glow emanates from the wall.   

The inscription reads:  

"Present a suitable sacrifice to the eternal king.  

If he deems you worthy, he will let you pass.  

Fail to do so and expect a swift journey to the afterlife."   

A suitable sacrifice?   

As you ponder about the question.   

The statue draws a golden sword.  

Pointing at the middle of the chamber.   

"I demand a sacrifice."   

Let me try...   

You produce a mysterious medallion with different magical emeralds and stones.  

Placing it on the exact spot, where the sword is still pointing at.   

"I shall judge thy worthiness."   

The old king picks up the medallion.  

Investigating the properties and the craftsmanship.   

Without any warning.  

He drops the medallion.   

And a great lightning strikes the piece.  

Destroying it in the process.   

"You are not worthy."   

Get ready for a fight.

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