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Round 8

The Whispering Gardens


You head toward the markets, but are overwhelmed by the activity and seek shelter down a hidden path.

The Whispering Gardens of Azurelight area hidden oasis of magic and tranquility. As you enter, the chatter of the market fades into a serene silence, broken only by the soft rustling of leaves and the gentle murmur of the wind.

The plants here are not ordinary; they glow with an inner light and seem to move ever so slightly, as if aware of your presence. The path winds through the garden, leading you to a fountain at its heart. This fountain, glowing with a light blue hue, is said to be a source of ancient wisdom.

As you approach, the whispers grow louder, forming coherent words. "Seeker of the Spear of Unity, your path is intertwined with the fate of the Broken Lands. Listen to the whispers of the past to understand the future."

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