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Round 10

The Whispering Shadows


You push aside a tapestry behind the Guardian's podium, revealing a narrow, stone passage. Your footsteps echo softly as you descend into the earth.

The air grows cooler, the scent of damp earth and ancient stone filling your nostrils. The passage opens into an underground chamber, its walls flickering with the light of torches. In the center stands a crystal orb, its surface swirling with a deep, blood-red hue.

You approach cautiously, mesmerized by its pulsating glow. As your hand nears the orb, it projects a haunting vision: the Broken Lands, torn by strife, yet amidst the chaos, a single point of light shines—a beacon calling from the lost city.

You reach out, your fingertips brushing the orb's surface. A surge of energy courses through you, extracting a memory—a laughter-filled day from your childhood, now lost to the orb. The chamber rumbles, a hidden door creaking open, revealing a path veiled in shadow and uncertainty. Ahead lies the journey to the lost city, a path filled with the unknown.

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