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Round 11 Finalist

Whispers in the Clouds


As you step through the mist-veiled streets of Celestium, the cloud city breathes a life of its own. Every cobblestone whispers ancient tales, and the air shimmers with a kaleidoscope of mana. Ahead, a grand plaza unfolds, crowned by a towering obelisk inscribed with runes that dance like fireflies. Around you, mages in flowing garments murmur incantations, their words weaving through the air, forming spectral images of distant lands and forgotten times.

You feel an invisible tug, guiding you towards a narrow, ivy-clad alley. There, hidden from the grandeur of the main thoroughfares, lies a modest door, pulsating with a gentle, inviting glow. Your hand trembles as you reach for the handle, sensing that beyond this threshold lies a secret crucial to your quest.

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