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Round 12 Finalist

Whispers of Celestium


As you approach the Keeper, the air around you pulses with an ethereal rhythm, like the heartbeat of the cosmos itself. The sigil in the Keeper's palm radiates a celestial glow, casting patterns that seem to dance and shift across your skin. The Keeper's eyes, deep pools of starlight, hold a wisdom as ancient as the universe.

In the silence, you hear a faint melody, a song of the stars that resonates with the sigil's light. The Keeper's lips part, but no words come out; instead, the sigil's glow intensifies, projecting visions of forgotten worlds, civilizations rising and falling, and a path illuminated by stardust. The air tastes of ozone and mystery, hinting at secrets waiting just beyond the veil of reality.

With a deep breath, you step forward, drawn inexorably towards the heart of Celestium, where destiny whispers your name.

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