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Round 1

Entry 1

Creekside Awakenings


You wake, lying next to small creek. 

Immediately panic sets in, as you don't know why you're here, it occurs to you, you also have no clue who you are. No belongings, just the clothes on your back accompany you. 

As night falls, your instinct is to find food and shelter. ~The Broken Lands are unforgiving, the terrain is treacherous.

The slow flowing creek leads the way. Scat and fish carcasses liter the creek banks, oddly you see no predator tracks.

~You can hear hoots and howls in the distance.

Your guiding creek leads you to a cave entrance, you can see the moonlight shining through the cave ceiling. The creek widens through the opening. 

~You think there must be shelter from the night in this cave, yet the scurrying echos from inside make you hesitate.

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