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Round 2

Entry 1

The Black Mountain


The light emanates from a cave set into the base of a towering black mountain. Jagged spires claw at the darkening sky along its summit, giving the ominous peak the look of some monstrous castle.

You suspect that to be no mere coincidence. Legends speak of these mountains being the ancient strongholds of powerful sorcerers who once ruled the Broken Lands. Their hubris led to the cracking and splintering of the world ages ago.

Now their demesnes stand abandoned, haunted reminders of past arrogance. Yet their secrets may still remain, hidden away in lightless depths.

The last rays of sunlight recede as you approach the cave mouth. Strange whispers seem to echo from its stygian depths. You steel your resolve and step forward, determined to uncover whatever forgotten knowledge lies within. Powerful magic indeed must linger here if it could mend the Broken Lands. But dangers untold surely await as well, for such power is never unguarded.

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