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Round 4

Entry 1

Shimmering Waters


Warily, you proceed down the stone corridor revealed by the door, one hand trailing along the cold damp wall to guide you. The glow from the cavern fades behind you, leaving you in near total darkness. Strange whispers and skittering sounds seem to follow you from the shadows. Your heart pounds as you go deeper, guided only by faith that your destiny lies ahead. 

Suddenly, the corridor opens into a vast underground chamber. You gaze upward in awe at towering stone columns, eerily lit by the dim glow of luminous moss and fungi. But your eyes are drawn to the center - there sits an ornate basin, filled with a shimmering silver liquid. Its surface swirls with mesmerizing, hypnotic patterns. As you approach reverently, images begin to form - visions of the Broken Lands whole again, the dying sun restored to its former brilliance. This mystic pool holds the secret to healing the land, you are certain. But the liquid begins to roil ominously...what trial awaits you now?

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