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Round 5

Entry 1

The Enignamtic Creator


As you near the alter, you find the glint of metal was the gold and gemstone cover of a large book. You reach out for it, only for the doorway beyond to flash brightly with light. 

Your eyes widen as a radiant figure emerges from the shimmering portal. He has the appearance of a living statue - white marble skin and flowing hair topped by a bejeweled crown. His blue and white robes whisper as he strides forth and picks the book up from the altar. With a wave of his hands, a throne appears behind him. He sits and stares down at you. 

"I am the Archon, shaper of this realm," his voice reverberates through the still air. "Eons ago I wrought these lands with magic and lore gathered from across the planes." His fingers trace the gilt pages of the tome. "But creation without balance invited ruin. Now the Broken Lands fracture, the people suffer, and ancients evils stir." 

He rises, towering over you. "Within these pages lies the knowledge to heal or raze this world. The choice falls to you alone. But covetous hearts have succumbed to the lure of power absolute." His eyes flash with azure light as he sets the book back down on the altar before you. "Prove your spirit worthy. Withstand the trials ahead." The Archon's form shimmers as he returns to the glowing portal. "May you bring balance where I could not."

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