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Round 6

Round Winner

Entry 1

The Gates of New Worlds


Emerald luminescence spills from towering arches, bathing the path ahead in ethereal light. Pillars carved with ancient symbols stretch toward the heavens, each one holding a floating orb, pulsating like the heartbeats of forgotten titans.

You approach the largest gate, the sheen of its surface reflecting your tentative expression. Beneath your fingers, intricate patterns shift and weave, crafting a story only the brave would dare to read. A single step forward sends ripples through the cerulean pool ahead, and your reflection dissipates, revealing a vast, uncharted land.

Wind teases your hair as the scent of untouched forests fills your lungs. To the right, mountains pierce the clouds, and to the left, meadows dance with radiant flora. But ahead, a city of gold and azure awaits, its spires beckoning.

Without hesitation, spear in hand, you step forward, drawn to the city's heart, where your next challenge surely awaits.

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