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Round 4 Winner

Hall of Heroes


Beyond the stone door lies a grand hall, lined on both sides by towering columns and statues of ancient heroes. Their stone features are cracked and worn by the passage of countless ages, yet their proud faces still reflect the glory of civilizations past. Your footsteps echo as you walk cautiously down the center of the hall, peering at the faded murals and intricate carvings adorning the walls. They depict epic battles and acts of valor, triumphs and tragedies of the Broken Lands' history.

Reaching the end of the hall, you find yourself stepping into a grand amphitheater, with tiered stone seating rising up all around. At the center is a circular altar, and upon it you catch the glint of metal - an ancient artifact, perhaps holding the knowledge you seek. Just beyond stands a towering doorway, shimmering with magical energy. With a deep breath, you descend towards the altar, ready to unravel its secrets and face the trials that still await you.

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