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Round 11 Winner

Mysterious Encounter


In the heart of Celestium, the River of Souls flows, serene and boundless, cradling the city in its celestial embrace. Its waters, deep and iridescent, mirror the cosmos above—a tapestry of twilight hues, punctuated by the dance of astral lights. At the river's edge, luminescent figures gather, their forms draped in starlight, their faces obscured by veils of pure energy. They are the Keepers, guardians of the ancient wisdom that flows like the river they worship.

One Keeper, shrouded in a cloak that whispers of the void, extends an arm, revealing a palm where a sigil glows—a living constellation, a key to the city’s heart. The sigil’s light casts intricate shadows, telling stories older than time, of civilizations born and crumbled in the whisper of the cosmos.

You watch, breath caught in awe, as the Keeper’s eyes lock onto yours, and a voiceless invitation hangs in the air—dare you accept the call of the Undiscovered City?

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