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Round 12 Winner

The Celestial Bridge


The luminescent figures by the river part as you step forward, each movement resonating with the flow of the River of Souls. The water, shimmering with countless hues, reflects the vast tapestry of the night sky. You reach out, fingers grazing the surface, and ripples spread out, distorting the reflected cosmos.

A hush falls over the Keepers as the river begins to solidify beneath your touch, forming a bridge of starlight, leading to an isle of serenity amidst the celestial flow. The isle, bathed in the soft glow of astral light, holds an ancient pedestal, upon which rests a scroll bound in ethereal chains.

As you step onto the bridge, a feeling of weightlessness envelops you, and the air fills with a symphony of otherworldly harmonies. The scroll beckons, promising answers and knowledge long sought, its chains awaiting the touch of one foretold to unlock the secrets of the ages.

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