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Round 10 Winner

The Undiscovered City


Upon  the Guardian's revelation, the world around you dissolves into a  cascade of golden light. When your vision clears, you find yourself  standing on the precipice of the Archive Sanctum, the fabled city of  Celestium stretching out before you, floating amongst the clouds.  Towering spires and libraries spiraling towards the sky are  interconnected by ribbons of mana, pulsing with the vibrant energy of  accumulated knowledge.

The air is alive with the hum of arcane magic, and the  stone beneath your feet vibrates with the city's heartbeat. Grand scrolls unfurl around you, their glyphs glowing with an inviting warmth, promising wisdom beyond the ages. In the heart of the city, the Great  Nexus—a vortex of pure, swirling mana—beckons you with an otherworldly  glow, its power resonating with the scroll in your grasp.

Mages in billowing robes pass by, their eyes alight with curiosity and respect. They sense the importance of your quest, understanding that the fate of the Broken Lands may hinge upon the knowledge housed within this city's boundless archives.

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