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The Story So Far

All pages of the Broken Lands story from the start. There is also a shorter summary recap for catching up quickly.

The Broken Lands

The  dying sun hangs low and heavy in the shimmering violet sky, its  once-brilliant golden light dimmed to a sullen amber. Shadows stretch  across the ragged landscape, casting the steep spire mountains and deep,  sheer-walled canyons into premature dusk. This is the Broken Lands - a  realm where the earth itself has cracked and splintered ages ago,  leaving a web of crevasses and soaring stone peaks.

Yet life perseveres here in the remnants of fertile  soil along cracked canyon floors and mountain slopes. The hardiest of  trees and shrubs cling to the land, fed by springs and streams that  still flow through the broken earth. Small farms and villages spot the  land wherever enough flat space allows, the people scraping by on  stubborn crops choked with weeds.

The few cities of the Broken Lands rise up on the  bones of the land itself - carved into cliffsides or built atop massive  stone mesas. These isolated city-states war and trade with one another,  vying for precious resources and power. As the sun declines and the  world ages around them, they cling to their holdings with fervent and  often violent purpose.

As the last amber rays of sunlight fade, the canyon  walls and spire mountains are set ablaze in brilliant hues of  vermillion, carmine, and gold. But beauty is not all that lurks in the  growing shadows. Creatures old as the land itself, twisted and  malevolent, stalk the secret places of the broken earth. Still, hope  lingers here for some - hope for forgotten knowledge and magic that  could heal the Broken Lands and restore the dying sun once more.

Your journey begins on the edges of the first  lengthening shadows, your path winding through a landscape both wondrous  and bleak, violent and beautiful. In the Broken Lands, dangers and  wonders go hand in hand, shadow and light are eternally at war, and only  the bold will survive to see the next dawn. Your trials start with the  coming of the night - prepare yourself.

Cave of Forgotten Knowledge & Ancient Magic

You  stand in a deep ravine in the Broken Lands. Few dare to venture so deep into the shadow, knowing what lurks within. The air feels heavy, with a  sense of foreboding, as you step cautiously through the rocky terrain.

Shadowy entities, stalk silently around you. They are  tall, shadowy figures with long, spindly limbs and eyes that gleam like  burning embers. Their presence sends shivers down your spine. You keep  your distance, hoping they won't notice you.

Night is about to fall upon the land and the light is  fading fast, but that won't matter where you're going. In the distance,  you spot a glowing light emanating from a cave entrance. Legends speak  of this place, a repository of forgotten knowledge and ancient magic that could change the fate of the Broken Lands. With every step towards  it, your mind fills with doubt and fear.

You press on, driven by the promise of what lies within, but what will you find in the darkness?

The Guardian

A Guardian awaits as you cautiously approach the entrance.

You feel like you've hidden yourself well, but the Guardian calls out to you in a deep cave rumbling voice: 

"The knowledge you seek can only be attained by completing a challenge."  

Do you accept the Guardians challenge unknown?

The Challenge of Wisdom

The Guardian shows you to a stone panel, etched with four ancient glowing runes, the key to unlocking a stone door nearby. The runes glow with an otherworldly light. The guardian's eyes are fixed on you, expectant.  

You take a deep breath, trying to decipher the runes, to understand their significance. You can't help but feel like you've seen them before. Your fingers trace the markings, like pieces of an intricate puzzle.  

Suddenly, the runes are deciphered in your mind,  DISCOVER // ARTEFACT // CHANGE // DESTINY, and you hear a phrase repeated often in your dreams.   

"Discover the artefact that will change the destiny of the Broken Lands."  

Without hesitation, you gently touch the symbols in the correct sequence, and the stone door begins to shift, slowly revealing the path within. The guardian nods in approval, acknowledging your destiny, and you step forward, ready to face the further trials that await you...

Hall of Heroes

Beyond the stone door lies a grand hall, lined on both sides by towering columns and statues of ancient heroes. Their stone features are cracked and worn by the passage of countless ages, yet their proud faces still reflect the glory of civilizations past. Your footsteps echo as you walk cautiously down the center of the hall, peering at the faded murals and intricate carvings adorning the walls. They depict epic battles and acts of valor, triumphs and tragedies of the Broken Lands' history.

Reaching the end of the hall, you find yourself stepping into a grand amphitheater, with tiered stone seating rising up all around. At the center is a circular altar, and upon it you catch the glint of metal - an ancient artifact, perhaps holding the knowledge you seek. Just beyond stands a towering doorway, shimmering with magical energy. With a deep breath, you descend towards the altar, ready to unravel its secrets and face the trials that still await you.

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